Ever watched an event and thought it would be cool to get to design the winner’s trophy? Well now is your chance.

Extreme E is offering fans the opportunity to design the X Prix Race trophy that will be awarded when it goes racing for the first time next year.

Entries are now closed – Extreme E will contact you by 31stJanuary 2021 if your submission was successful – Watch out for your emails


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    Extreme E is the first sport built out of concern for the climate crisis. Our goal is to use electric racing to highlight remote environments under threat of climate change issues, and to encourage us all to take positive action to protect our planet’s future. The trophy needs to demonstrate everything we stand for.

    In line with the championship’s environmental message and goals, trophies will be made from a variety of recycled materials such as plastic collected by the St. Helena or beach cleans, as well as other biodegradable resources.

  • Key judging criteria as follows:

    • Circular economy
    • Creativity (we will be racing in 5 different locations – What if one part of the trophy could be customizable for each race? ;-) )
    • Technicality
    • Extreme E factor; is the design impactful and does it evoke emotion?


    The winner of the Extreme E Trophy Challenge will see their design coming to life at the Season 1 X Prix’s but will also receive a replica of the first X Prix trophy.