• punta del este,
    26-27 nov 2022

    population 3.5mil
    timezone utc -3

    AVG. TEMP (year) 25°C
    AVG. SUNLIGHT (day) 12.5hrs
    AVG. RAINFALL (year) 1203mm

    solutions highlighted renewable energy production and use, ocean conservation

  • After the first South American X Prix in Antofagasta, Chile, Extreme E returned to the continent to countdown to its final round of Season 2 in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

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    For the Uruguay Naturals Energy X Prix, Extreme E will be partnering up with the country brand to showcase joint commitment towards renewable energy and electrification. Renewable energy production and use is as crucial to the championship as it is to Uruguay. In terms of electricity generation, Uruguay is one of the leading countries in renewable energy production.

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    Local environment

    Uruguay Naturals Energy X Prix takes place in Punta del Este, a seaside city on a peninsula by the Atlantic Coast. It is a very rich, diverse and productive ecosystem that supplies goods, services and activities including fishing, tourism, navigation, port development projects.

    The Uruguayan coastal zone consists of a strip of land and maritime space of variable width, the coastline on the Rio de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean is approximately 714km long.

    Uruguay is highly vulnerable to climate change and climate variability, given its key sectors and climate dependence for successful agricultural production. Uruguay is vulnerable to a list of climate hazards including droughts, flooding, high temperatures and heatwaves, and storms.
    As the second-smallest South American country (after Suriname), consisting of low-lying grassland (three-quarters of the country), ideal for cattle and sheep raising.

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    Racing conditions

    As the championship returns to South America for a second X Prix in succession, there are four teams who are still in with a shot of claiming title glory in Uruguay - Rosberg X Racing, X44 Vida Carbon Racing, ACCIONA | SAINZ XE Team, and No.99 GMC HUMMER EV Chip Ganassi Racing.

    More details are to follow on how the Uruguay Naturals Energy X Prix track conditions will be for the finale showdown.

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    Renewable Energy in Uruguay

    In terms of electricity generation, Uruguay is one of the leading countries in renewable energy. The country currently generates over 98 per cent of all electricity from renewable sources, primarily wind and hydropower. Moreover, Uruguay is one of the most electrified countries in the hemisphere, with 99.9% of homes connected to the electric grid.

    The championship focuses on promoting the switch to electric vehicles and decarbonising transport which is a main focus of the Uruguayan government as a next step in their renewable journey. Similarly to Uruguay, Extreme E are actively trialing new renewable energy sources onsite to reduce the need for fossil fuels.

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    Marine Conservation

    Uruguay has a great relationship with the ocean and its conservation. Its marine habitats support important fisheries, help to mitigate the impact of climate change, provide raw materials for industry and provide opportunities for recreation.

    Off the Atlantic coast of Uruguay, the convergence of a warm ocean current coming from Brazil and a cold current from Malvinas creates one of the most productive aquatic systems in the world - a natural habitat and migratory route for whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions, fish and seabirds, including threatened, vulnerable and critically endangered species.

    Uruguay’s ocean territory is home to many incredible marine species such as whales, sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, rays, fish, birds and more. The area includes virtually unexplored coral reefs and sea canyons which are an important habitat for hake, anchovies, sharks, shrimp, squid and deep sea lobster.

  • Extreme e legacy

    More details to come on the Legacy Programme for the Uruguay Naturals Energy X Prix.