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    Founding Supplier


    CBMM | Niobium is a founding supplier of Extreme E and the championship’s official Niobium Technology Supplier and Chassis Technology Supplier.

    Critical to the automotive sector, niobium produces stronger, lighter and more sustainable cars with better energy efficiency. Its technologies are already widely applied in different areas, including light-weighting, safety, emissions reduction and electronics that will help lead to a sustainable sector transformation. Key applications of niobium in the Mobility sector include chassis, brakes and exhaust systems, drivetrains, batteries and EV charging stations and any number of ancillary components. Its qualities mean materials can be made lighter, stronger, more robust and more reliable – all while being more sustainable than other materials.

    Each of these qualities will be key to ensuring Extreme E’s SUVs can cope with, and thrive within, the competition’s five formidable environments. Increased lightness breeds energy savings and improved performance, and the added strength and durability afforded by niobium technology will assist the Extreme E chassis in dealing with the toughest challenges thrown their way.