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    Founding Partner & Official Fashion Partner


    LuisaViaRoma (LVR) will be the online retailer of the Extreme E clothing and accessories line for the inaugural 2021 season, and will develop a clothing line with brands from the LVR catalogue for each race.

    LVRSustainable, offers a careful selection of brands and special collaborations with non-profit enities for the benefit of social causes, focusing on sustainability, promoting eco-conscious fashion and special projects with a positive impact on the world, preserving the environment and protecting the planet.

    For each race, LuisaViaRoma has conducted a sustainable program documenting the challenges our planet is currently facing and the relative solutions: My Earth is Beating. For this ambitious project, Extreme E, LuisaViaRoma and LVRSustainable have teamed up to raise awareness in both local communities and the global community to address the climate crisis through inclusive, human, open and honest dialogue.