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    Official Sustainability Partner

    Ernst & Young

    EY originally joined the championship to help Extreme E achieve its commitment of minimizing the overall footprint whilst creating a positive legacy. In collaborating with Extreme E, EY has become a vital part of creating an Environment Impact Assessment framework which further drives the championship in the direction of positive change.

    Whilst Extreme E strives to race without leaving a trace, the framework provided by EY has allowed the championship to minimize its environmental impact across each race location. Both prior and post-racing impact assessments have allowed Extreme E to strategically plan their actions within these areas.

    Throughout Season 1, Extreme E have further benefited from advice and insight from leading industry professionals from the EY ecosystem, such as Dr Matthew Bell who made it clear that the “EY teams with their broad knowledge of climate change issues can help Extreme E further its mission by helping measure, monitor and manage the direct and indirect carbon footprint of the race championship”. Extreme E will continue to work with EY to fulfill the ambition of leaving a positive environmental and social legacy in years to come.