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    Official Green Hydrogen Power Partner


    ENOWA is the engine room for renewable energy, water and hydrogen at NEOM and, since 2022, has been a part of a pioneering and multi-year relationship with Extreme E. The core aim of the partnership has been to showcase the use of green hydrogen power as part of the race site, and also be a platform for the promotion of hydrogen as a more widespread sustainable solution.

    Green hydrogen is widely seen as the most promising energy carrier in the push for positive climate action. This technology supports the transportation of renewable energy over long distances and the decarbonisation of major industries and infrastructure.

    Roland Kaeppner, Executive Director Green Hydrogen and Green Fuels at ENOWA, said: “ENOWA plans to lead the development of world-class sustainable energy, water and hydrogen systems which I am sure will become a reference point in the future, and the Extreme E series will also benefit from this greater focus on technology and innovation.”