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    Official Tyre Partner


    The tyres have been designed and produced by Extreme E’s Founding Partner, Continental.

    The German tyre brand carefully examined the requirements of the race series and built an ultra-high-performance tyre that specifically addresses the needs of the competing teams. This performance-optimised tyre is not just built for extreme conditions, but also for the unique characteristics of Extreme E’s pure electric SUVs.

    There will be one specification of tyre based on the Continental CrossContact series, a tyre with a specially-designed tread to enhance traction and stability on practically any surface. The tyres for the ODYSSEY 21 will be able to cope with all conditions, from the scorching heat to blistering cold plus muddy, sandy or icy terrains.

    Each tyre will be fitted with Continental’s state-of-the-art ContiConnect, a digital tyre-monitoring system meaning greater safety for car and driver. The system collects, measures and analyses data such as tyre pressure and temperature in real time, transmitting that information to the driver via a display in the cockpit.

    Each team is allocated one set of tyres per race, and two used tyres from the previous race.