NEOM McLaren Extreme E win the Crazy Race to complete the grid for the Final

NEOM McLaren Extreme E won a dramatic Crazy Race to take the fifth spot in the Antofagasta Minerals Copper X Prix Final.

Emma Gilmour took the lead for NEOM McLaren Extreme E at the first corner ahead of JBXE’s Kevin Hansen. Despite being quickest off the line Veloce Racing’s Christine GZ slotted into third, with Tamara Molinaro bringing up the rear for XITE ENERGY RACING. 
After several attempts Hansen completed the overtake on NEOM McLaren Extreme E in the final corners of the first lap, but Gilmour kept the Swede in her sights as the teams hurtled towards the Switch Zone. 
Following the driver switch, it was down to Tanner Foust to close a three-second gap to JBXE’s Hedda Hosås, with XITE ENERGY RACING’s Timo Scheider setting off in third ahead of Lance Woolridge for Veloce Racing. 
Under pressure from Foust, Hosås went sideways as the American pulled up alongside her over a jump. The contact put the JBXE car into a spin which forced both Hosås and Foust off track either side of the next gate, earning both teams a 5-second penalty for missing the waypoint. 
When the dust settled Foust recovered to claim the lead for NEOM McLaren Extreme E, but it was XITE ENERGY RACING’s Scheider in second ahead of JBXE in third and a damaged Veloce Racing car crawling home in fourth. 
The teams crossed the finish line in this order, but two 10-second penalties for XITE ENERGY RACING - for dropping a waypoint flag and causing a collision with Veloce Racing in the Switch Zone - and a further two-second penalty for Switch Zone overspeeding dropped Molinaro and Scheider into third place.
NEOM McLaren Extreme E not only took the win but also the quickest time in the Continental Traction Challenge, potentially stealing a crucial five points away from championship leaders Rosberg X Racing. 
With the Antofagasta Minerals Copper X Prix getting underway shortly, find out where you can watch the action here.

NEOM McLaren Extreme E 9:12.588 (Penalised) 

JBXE +15.042 (Penalised) 

XITE ENERGY RACING +19.474 (Penalised) 

Veloce Racing +2:17.762