Chip Ganassi Racing and Acciona | Sainz XE Team secure Desert X Prix Final spots

FEBRUARY 19: Sara Price (USA) / Kyle Leduc (USA), Chip Ganassi Racing during the Saudi Arabia on February 19, 2022. (Photo by Alastair Staley / LAT Images)
© Alastair Staley

Chip Ganassi Racing secured a comfortable win in Semi-Final 2 to progress to the Desert X Prix Final, with ACCIONA | Sainz XE Team joining them as Genesys Andretti United Extreme E crashed out on the second lap.

ACCIONA | Sainz XE team’s Laia Sanz surged through the middle of the field at the start, but Kyle LeDuc quickly overtook the Spaniard to take the lead for the Chip Ganassi Racing team and pulled away, with Genesys Andretti United Extreme E’s Catie Munnings just behind in third.

Catie Munnings kept the ACCIONA | Sainz XE ODYSSEY 21 in her sights as both teams entered the Switch Zone, albeit more than 15 seconds behind Chip Ganassi Racing.

With an exciting battle set up for the final lap between Timmy Hansen and Carlos Sainz Snr. as they looked to close down Sara Price out in front, a huge roll for Hansen ruled Genesys Andretti United Extreme E out of contention, ensuring Chip Ganassi Racing and ACCIONA | Sainz XE Team qualified for the Final.


Chip Ganassi Racing 9:12:337
ACCIONA| Sainz XE Team +6.85
Genesys Andretti United Extreme E DNF