Drivers' Programme profiles: Jamie Chadwick

Extreme E, the innovative new off-road racing series, launched its Drivers’ Programme last week with a number of leading names in motorsport signing up to join the fold.

British racer Jamie Chadwick, one of the hottest properties in motorsport following her title win in the inaugural W Series campaign, is keenly aware of the issues facing the planet and sees Extreme E as the perfect tool to bring those issues to the fore.

"Climate change is naturally a subject close to my heart, said Chadwick. "As part of the generation needing to be increasingly more aware of our environment, and having grown up in the countryside in England, for me it is more relevant than ever to be raising awareness. To be able to do what I love most without the downside harming the environment and all while drawing attention to the issues at hand really is a win-win."

Up to this point, every driver on the programme has alluded to the steep learning curve that will be presented by Extreme E's unique formula of formidable environments, its innovative E-SUV and the intense head-to-head format.

Chadwick is confident she will be a fast learner.

"I am sure there will be an element of ‘expect the unexpected’ with a project this bold," she said. "However, I am certain that I will be fiercely competitive.  It’s going to be ‘race on'!

“I cannot wait to try the ODYSSEY 21. I can’t say I would have driven, let alone raced anything like it so there is definitely a lot of intrigue and anticipation. 

"I tested the Formula E car earlier this year and have since caught the electric bug. If that was anything to go by, it is going to be amazing.

“There will be a huge amount of learning involved.  However, I have always prided myself on having a diverse career thus far so hopefully this will enable me to adapt a little bit faster!”