Extreme E, operating partner of Formula E, has today announced that CBMM will become a Founding Supplier to its new electric SUV off-road racing series.
The partnership will see CBMM designated as the championship’s Official Niobium Technology Supplier and Official Chassis Technology Supplier, with niobium technology being used in the construction of the championship’s cutting-edge electric SUV - set to be unveiled for the first time at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next month.
Essential to the automotive sector, niobium provides lighter and more sustainable cars with a better energy efficiency. Its technologies are already widely applied in different areas, including lightweighting, safety, emissions reductions and electronics that will lead to a sustainable sector transformation. Key applications of niobium include batteries, drivetrains, chassis, wheels and any number of ancillary components. Its qualities mean materials can be made lighter, stronger, more robust and more reliable – all while being more sustainable than other materials.
Each of these qualities will be key to ensuring Extreme E’s SUVs will be able to cope with, and thrive within, the competition’s five formidable environments - The Himalayas, Arctic, Amazon Rainforest, Sahara Desert and an Indian Ocean island, when its first season starts in early 2021. Increased lightness breeds energy savings and improved performance, and the added strength and durability afforded by niobium technology will assist the Extreme E chassis in dealing with the toughest challenges thrown their way.
CBMM already enjoys a longstanding relationship with the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, focused on building awareness of niobium and promoting partnerships to explore and progress the growing potential of sustainable mobility. The announcement of its Extreme E partnership follows Continental Tyres’ commitment as a Founding Partner, and VENTURI Automobiles’ unveiling as the series’ first team entry.
Alejandro Agag, Founder & CEO of Formula E - operating partner of Extreme E - said: “We’re delighted that CBMM has chosen to be a founding partner with Extreme E. They are a world leader and global advocate in the application of niobium across a range of products and share our vision of advancing sustainable technology and mobility. 

"Extreme E’s unique set of challenges, top-level competition, and harsh, demanding environments will no doubt be invaluable as a research and development platform for the company, and in the push to raise awareness of niobium technology’s potential use-cases and its many benefits. 

"I look forward to taking the wraps off the car Niobium Tech has helped to produce at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July.”

Adalberto Parreira, Commercial Director of CBMM - said: “We are very honoured to be part of Extreme E's journey as a Founding Supplier. We believe niobium will play a key role to increase the safety and the autonomy of cutting-edge electric SUVs. CBMM's ambition is to offer more sustainable solutions to the challenges of modern society. Extreme E's decision to use niobium technology proves its commitment to the environment."

As well as playing a key role in championship vehicles, Niobium Tech will also be used on board Extreme E’s unique floating paddock - the RMS St. Helena, which will be used to transport the cars, and the championship’s operations and logistics around the world.