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    In season 1, Extreme E has partnered with UNICEF, the world’s leading children’s organisation, to empower young change-makers
in Greenland through climate education.

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    Extreme E, raced in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland in August 2021 during its inaugural season, and its independent Scientific Committee composed of leading climate experts from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, worked closely with UNICEF UK and UNICEF Denmark in Greenland. Extreme E will support UNICEF’s work on climate change education, helping children across Greenland to understand and address the climate-related issues which are putting them, and future generations at risk. The teaching material consisted of a 91-page teacher's guide and a 54-page student manual., with eight videos produced and shown throughout the race week. 85% of the country's 8th-10th graders have now received education on climate change in the Arctic and globally and made a project as climate agents by the end of September 2021.

    Extreme E also assisted with UNICEF’s NAKUUSA programme, which last year celebrated its 10th anniversary, supporting children’s rights in Greenland through the creation of children’s councils that help to amplify their voices. The partnership raised awareness amongst Extreme E fans and audiences of the effects of climate change in Greenland and on children.

    In August 2022, a small team of Extreme E staff, the head of our Science Committee: Richard Washington and 2 of our drivers; Kevin Hansen (JBXE) and Hedda Hosas (Veloce Racing Reserve Driver) are heading back out to Greenland to revisit our season 1 projects.