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    For the Ocean X Prix, in Lac Rose, Senegal, we once again face a mostly sandy terrain, though a very different challenge and location to the deserts of Saudi Arabia. Here the race will take to the existing tracks surrounding the lake, named after, and renowned for its striking pink colour, caused by algae that thrives within its highly-saline waters.

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    field notes

    The Ocean X Prix starts on the beach, running alongside the Atlantic Ocean which hugs the West African coastline. Drivers will be tempted to look left at the stunning waves breaking on the beach alongside them, but this fast section will demand their attention before they turn inland and onto a more technical part of the course, in amongst the backyard of the dunes.

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    Obstacles will include a myriad of short, sharp elevation and directional changes as the drivers navigate their way through the tight and twisty inland sector, a world apart from the long, sweeping, full throttle sections of the AlUla desert. We will see less elevation changes experienced in Saudi, more like 4 to 5 metres here across a series of dunes but with more short drops and sharp rises.

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    In the middle sector, we cross close to the main paddock area and head to the other side of the course where the sand becomes ofter and will include more small dips and drops before you then enter back out onto the stunning beach, running alongside the picturesque turquoise sea, which will present some spectacular images of the Ocean X Prix.

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    Lac Rose, Dakar

    This beach and the community of Lac Rose faces a sad plastic pollution issue, which will be clear and unavoidable to see as teams race, though will really give us the opportunity to demonstrate the impact we as humans or people have on our planet.

    population 17 million
    timezone GMT

    AVG. TEMP (year) 24°C
    AVG. SUNLIGHT (day) 8.2hrs
    AVG. RAINFALL (year) 459mm

    issue facing rising sea levels