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    Extreme E will visit Sardinia, Italy, in October for the Island X Prix following the series’ decision to postpone its originally planned event in Brazil due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation in Latin America.

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    Extreme E was built around the ethos of racing electric vehicles in remote environments in an effort to raise awareness for climate change issues and showcase the performance and benefits of low carbon vehicles. However, this crisis is not a problem which only affects remote locations. It is becoming increasingly noticeable in all environments including Sardinia which are suffering from rising temperatures, heatwaves and wildfires.

    More details on the location will be revealed in due course. 

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    environmental challenge

    Scientists are warning of worsening extreme weather patterns if global temperatures continue to rise without solutions being put in place to cut carbon emissions, and that greenhouse gas levels are already too high “for a manageable future for humanity”.

    Rising temperatures and wildfires are now a threat across every continent. In just the last couple of years the world has seen devastation in the Amazon, Australia, Siberia, Canada and the Mediterranean region. With thresholds already crossed by climate change, wildfires are more extensive, more intense, more damaging and last longer. 

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    Ultimately, the driver of all this is climate change. To reduce the devastation, carbon emissions need to be reduced. If the world continues as it is the carbon emissions by the end of the century will make the wildfires of recent years look modest.

    Extreme E is at the forefront of the drive towards a better future, a new way of doing things and a world which does not rely on deadly carbon emissions.


    extreme e legacy programme

    More details to follow.