• Sardinia, Italy
    23-24 october 2021

    population 1.64 mil
    timezone utc +2

    AVG. TEMP (year) 16°C
    AVG. SUNLIGHT (day) 7hrs
    AVG. RAINFALL (year) 570mm

    issue facing rising temperatures leading to extreme weather conditions and wildfires

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    Extreme E visits Sardinia, Italy, for the Enel X Island X Prix following the series’ decision to postpone its originally planned event in Brazil due to the  ongoing COVID-19 situation in Latin America.

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    The series was built around the ethos of racing electric vehicles in remote environments in an effort to raise awareness for climate change issues and showcase the performance and benefits of low carbon vehicles.
    However, this crisis is not a problem which only affects remote locations. It is becoming increasingly noticeable in all environments including Sardinia which are suffering from rising temperatures, heatwaves and wildfires. 

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    racing conditions

    The event, which marks Extreme E’s first European destination, will take  place in the Army Training area at Capo Teulad in Sulcis-Iglesiente, an historic area situated in the south-west of the island.

    The Teulada route provides a blank canvas for the course which will  measure around seven kilometres, and a completely contrasting  landscape to the previous three rounds, providing a harder compact  surface with many rocks and bushes plus riverbeds that crack due to the heat. 

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    The terrain could become softer come the October months, meaning drivers have many more natural obstacles to navigate. The aim is to  provide a myriad of racing lines allowing for overtaking as well as fast  flowing areas and tight corners. The course walk in the days leading up to  the race will prove essential for drivers to do their homework before  stepping into the cockpit of the all-electric ODYSSEY 21.

    Extreme E is working closely with Automobile Club d’Italia - the national  sports federation co-organising and coordinating the event - the Region of Sardinia, and its Tourism Department plus the Ministry of Defence and the Italian Army.

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    local environment

    The Legacy Programme in Sardinia will focus on both blue and green carbon stores. During July 2021 there were 13,000 more wildfires in Italy than has ever been recorded before. The resulting calamity has resulted in incalculable damage to thousands of people’s livelihoods, as well as to nature. The devastating fires destroyed vast swathes of pastures, agricultural land, and killed huge numbers of animals, including 30 million bees. It is estimated that it will take at least 15 years to rebuild the 20,000 hectares of land impacted. The Smithsonian Institute estimates that just a hectare of seagrass can produce 100,000 litres of oxygen a day. However, seagrasses are thought to be one of the most rapidly declining ecosystems in the world. It is estimated that 29 per cent of global seagrass has been lost and, if trends continue, another 20-30 per cent could be lost in the next 100 years. Extreme E will be focusing on how future damage can be reduced as well as how past destruction can be restored during the Enel X Island X Prix.

    population 1.64 Mil
    timezone utc +2

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    The Problem

    Firstly, the series will look to highlight the rapid warming of the planet, which has an impact on so many countries and has caused many parts of Europe, America and Australia to experience wildfires. In Sardinia, Extreme E will work with local NGOs to support the forest restoration efforts in the Oristanese area and beyond that fell victim to extensive damage, therefore enhancing green carbon stores.

    Secondly, the focus will be put on seagrasses, specifically the Posidonia oceanics seagrass meadows - an ecosystem known as the rainforest of the oceans, and an environment that sequesters even more carbon dioxide than its terrestrial comparison and is equally threatened, making it a huge blue carbon store.

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    Extreme e legacy

    Extreme E will be working alongside MEDSEA (Mediterranean Sea and Coast Foundation) in Sardinia to support two significant projects. The first explores Green Carbon, incorporating the recovery response to this year’s devastating forest fires on the island. The second project supports the conservation of Posidonia oceanica (seagrass), mitigating the detrimental effects of Blue Carbon in Mediterranean waters.
    Posidonia oceanica, which is instrumental in sequestering harmful ‘Blue Carbon’, is also under threat. Extreme E’s own scientists, in partnership with ENEL, will also be working with MEDSEA to reconnect and replenish the seagrass beds of Posidonia oceanica in the waters of the Marine Protected Areas around Sardinia.